Thursday, May 21, 2009

Papercraft Tools

There are many tools used to develop your papercraft. Here are some basic tools that can be used for works on paper:

This tool is very basic equipment. There are times when I just use scissors to build a paper model. You can make a hole with scissors by folding the bit and then cut to make a hole and enter one eye scissors and from there you can fix the hole.

This tool is used to make patterns easy to bend so that the folded paper. As a substitute you can use a ballpoint.

Cutting Mat
This tool should you have if you want durable cutter. Smooth surfaces and gentle, but Hard allows you to cut paper. Cutting Mat can save you money because you do not need too often to replace your cutter eyes, because Cutting Mat is a tool CBF (Cutter Blade freindly).

Pen Cutter
Cutting tools are more practical and easier than the cutter and scissors. 30 degree blade, good handle, equipped with a blade storage.

Ruler can be used to make a straight line with a tracer, or help to fold the paper. Recommended for users cutter as a guide. Stainless Steel, hardened, equipped with a Conversion table.

Cutter used to cut paper. There is a tiny cutter type that is great for cutting parts - a small piece of paper. A larger or heavier paper, you can use a larger cutter.

Suitable for assembly of complex models. Stainless Steel. There are 2 forms the tip tweezers, curved and straight.

There are a lot of glue on the market, which is best? Just like other tools do not exist but there is the best option that suits you best. With water-based PVA glue to give the best results which makes the model is transparent and clean. But has a weakness that is not dry quickly.