Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gundam Papercraft - MSF 007 MK III

Gundam  Papercraft - MSF 007 MK IIIAnother amazing papercraft from Korean designer, Gundam MSF 007 MK III. Gundam MSF 007 MK III is developed by a group of technical experts at Anaheim Electronics after receiving data on the RX-178 Gundam Mark II that the AEUG steals from the Titans. The Gundam Mk III uses an improved version of the Gundam Mk II's movable frame, which allows for movement close to that of a human being.

Aside from the standard beam sabers and beam rifle, the Gundam Mk III is also equipped with a pair of beam cannons. The Gundam Mk III is manufactured at three different locations - Kilimanjaro, Gryps and Anaheim Electronics, and there are three known types. However, it is unknown what resemblance the Anaheim design bears to the Titans designs. It is also possible that the Eagle Type design may have been constructed.

You can download at here: Gundam Papercraft - MSF 007 MK III password : teampinoyclickers