Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Five Stars Stories - Led Mirage Papercraft

Here.. I share awesome papercraft. This time I post is Led Mirage Papercraft from manga series The Five Star Stories. The story is staged at an alien cluster of four major planetary systems. The God of Light, Amaterasu, the immortal emperor of the Grees Kingdom on the planet Delta Belune, is destined to rule the whole Joker System.

The LED Mirage is the AKD's main heavy combat mortar headd deployed by the Mirage Knights on orders from Amaterasu or an appropriate AKD commander (Rognar, Aisha Codante or Iemarah Lout Jajas).

You need pepakura viewer cause it's PDO file and need color paper to print this pattern. Sorry I've unlock the mediafire for download. Please leave your email at the comment form. I will send the password.

The Five Stars Stories - Led Mirage Papercraft
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